What to do when your partner doesn’t share your enthusiasm for a new and healthier lifestyle.

Dear Anniji,

Over the past year, I’ve made some huge changes in my life. I started meditating and spending more time in nature. Even my diet is different.  I feel lighter and happier inside.  The problem is, my partner wants nothing to do with any of it.  I can’t get him off the couch and away from the television when he’s home.  I’m afraid our relationship is in real danger.  What can I do to get him to join me?




Dear Desperate,

Firstly, I wish to congratulate you on the progress you have made. You are evidently reaping and enjoying the benefits.

I am sure many of our readers will share your frustration in finding partners or family members who seem oblivious to the great benefits and sadly do not show any inclination or motivation to follow your path.

The fact is you cannot change anyone. You can only change yourself. I see a lesson here for you and it is a lesson of acceptance. You know that old saying “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink?”

My advice is relax, loosen the reins! Keep doing what you are doing and just be observant and curious. Your very vibration will have an effect on your loved ones. Try leading by example and let those around you tread their own path of discovery however slow and frustrating that may seem to you!



March/April 2022 Issue 3

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