What can I do? Am I being selfish?

Dear Anniji,

​I love my family dearly and recognise they need excessive support. Their two youngest boys of three are extremely autistic and thereby have greater needs than most in their daily lives.

​Over the past 10 years I’ve made myself very available to support them. Now however, I’m feeling the need to spread my wings and spend time on my own self-development. In doing this, it is already creating friction and I’m getting negative responses from my family.

What can I do? Am I being selfish?

Confused, Hurt, and Frustrated Franny

Poor dear CHF Franny,

​First, accept from me a definite “No!” You are not being selfish. Far from it. You could say it is your family who are the selfish ones by not recognising you have needs as well.

​They have been blessed to have your support for so long. I sense your inner knowing and your gut saying it is time to move and shift.

​I encourage you to also listen to your heart and keep it open. Gently and lovingly include your family in your new steps and watch as the doors of opportunity unfold not only for you, but for your family as well.

If we do not energetically, emotionally, and physically move, nothing will change. Many do not take the courage to step forward as you are ready to do.

​Remember, you are not stepping away. You are stepping forward.

​Enjoy your new experiences and let these serve you and others wisely.


October/November 2022 Issue 6