Let’s Talk Freedom

What does freedom mean to you?

  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom to walk down the street unaccosted.
  • Freedom to choose where you live.
  • Freedom to marry or live with whomever you wish
  • Freedom to choose what you wear.
  • Freedom to eat what you want.
  • Freedom to follow your own beliefs.
  • Freedom to read and write your own beliefs and be heard.
  • Overall freedom to choose.

We can look at the above and believe me when I say, I could have of course extended the list and you yourselves, I know can easily continue to add endlessly.

Depending on who you are and where you are living at this time, this question will mean different things to you and will raise different feelings, emotions conflicting and also maybe with some relief.

I say relief as I have made good friends with a family who relocated from Zimbabwe to the UK.


To gain freedom, to make a better life for themselves and their little girl. To be able to walk the streets fearlessly. This was not possible in their hometown where they were born and had to leave the land they knew as home all their childhood and a part of their adult life in order to feel free and
experience freedom, instead of being locked away in a gated community with privately paid security guards.

This is an example of what I would call a need for physical freedom which affects your mind, body and soul. As in my list above, physical activities and ways of life that some of us are already blessed with and other activities that have to either be kept underground or radical changes needed to be
made in their lives, like the young family mentioned, in order to gain freedom.

We can look at the war zones, the Refugees, Boat People, Ugandan Asians, the Mayflower across to America, the Windrush Britons…..and more. When I started to think seriously about my subject content for this Newsletter, I was drawn to more than the above. I am drawn to a deeper meaning of Freedom.

Freedom of the Soul, whereby we all listen to what we really want to do and want to be. The Freedom, the Holy Grail, is following up and effectively being true to ourselves and finding that freedom and grabbing it.
Look around you. Listen and read the information. Safety Warning! Be careful where you get this information!

Stress, anxiety and related physical and mental illnesses have escalated in the last two years.


Because people have been vulnerable and reacted to outside influences.
Many of you will understand when I say that we are the proud owners of a reptilian brain! The fight or flight. This reptilian brain serves a purpose, however, sadly it’s not so great at adapting to the 22nd century and all the challenges and demands we now face.

Where is the Sabre Tooth Tiger chasing us and ready to pounce and eat us alive? Where is the Fire, Where is the Flood? Where is the physical, and visual threat?

Nowhere to be seen, not tangible! Can’t be seen, can’t be heard and we can’t touch it. How scary is that? And yet we know something is afoot, amiss.

What to do?

Stress, worry, be anxious, lose your appetite, stop eating, eat, get angry. You can’t run, you can’t hide. Take drugs, antidepressants, take to drink, exercise to excess, self-harm, visit a therapist. Have a facelift!!

What to do, to stop this awful feeling of anxiety and distress?

Many ignore it and hope it will go away and very many, a high percentage will always look outside for solutions. Who can help them? What’s the Government doing? What is the local Council doing?

What is my Company expecting of me in exchange for safety and security? Is there any? No.
I would like to end this letter with a few triggers.

  • Do you feel free?
  • Are you at peace with yourself?
  • What if life could be different? What would it be?
  • Is there something more you want out of life?
  • Have you recently done something radical and loved the outcome?

Please look around my website and feel free to book a discovery call.
I have gifts, and free downloads, go and explore!
Thank you for reading and I look forward to writing the next Newsletter, a subject yet to be found and explored!

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