Life feels like a bad movie that plays on repeat

Dear Anniji ~

I’m in a rut. My life feels like a bad movie that plays on repeat. My current job is boring, my apartment is too small, and I can barely make ends meet. I am not in a romantic relationship right now, but I’d like to be. Unfortunately, gathering the energy and motivation to make any changes seems out of my reach. Can you help me?


Dear Stuck,

The first thing I would say is, “Count your blessings!” However dire our situation may appear to be, we always have things to be grateful for.

Next, pick one thing in your life you’d like to change. If I could wave a magic wand and make it happen, what would it look like? How would it feel? And when would you know the change had taken place?

You listed the things not working in your life and what is missing. In doing this, you are focusing on them and as a result, that’s exactly what you get. Stuck!

Turn away from your problems and sadness and look up towards the light. Be curious, be brave, and be loving and watch your life turn around.

Enjoy your new future!

Warm wishes with Golden Light,



May/June 2022 Issue 4

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