It’s OK to be Selfish!

What is it I am saying?

How many times have you been told in your life “You are so selfish, you only think of yourself!” or have you thought…..’I’d love to do that but what will they think? What about them? Will they think I’m selfish?’

Well, I am saying you need to look at the context, look at how, when, where and why. Step back and actually observe the situation and the potential pros and cons. What would happen if I did? How would I feel? How would others possibly benefit in the long run?

Just think for a moment, just a little time out, just for you.  Aaaah I can hear you breathe, relax with the anticipation of how good that would feel! Benefiting the Mind, Body and the Soul.  There may be winging, whining, grumpiness from your nearest and dearest, young and old. However, you are drained, physically and emotionally and your body is silently screaming to you, “let’s have a break,  just a lie down, a long scented bubble bath, a walk alone in the woods, in the fields, along the river.”

It’s OK to Be Selfish!

First and foremost we need to take care of ourselves. Our responsibility, before anyone else, even our children, dependents. What are you told on an aircraft? Put the oxygen mask on yourself and then your child.  This demonstrates, if you are not OK, fit and able bodied you are not in a position to support others.

I have had many times in my life when I have been told I have been selfish and on the other side of the coin been told how warm and giving I am.  When I have stepped back and reviewed these times it amazes me how I can see so clearly the intention, the agenda which is clearly exposed, by those who have challenged, criticised or judged me!

I call upon you to be discerning and follow your heart and your gut feeling. These two areas of your body in addition to physical tiredness and mental strain are your personal barometers. They are there for a reason. Not to be ignored!

I can categorically share with you that the times I have stepped out of my comfort zone, these have been the best times in my life! Not only have my actions benefited me but also many of those around me!

Enjoy the freedom of being selfish. Have courage and be guided by your inner wisdom!

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