How to relax and enjoy the gift giving and receiving.

Dear Anniji,

Now that the major holidays are behind us, I have a confession to make.  Giving and receiving gifts always brings me a lot of anxiety.  I like to give gifts spontaneously but when it comes to birthdays and holidays when they are expected, I freeze.  I’m always worried that my gifts will fall short.  Receiving gifts is no easier.  I immediately start thinking about what I can give them in return that would be equally as wonderful.  What can I do to bring back the joy and the spirit of giving and receiving?



Dear Frozen,

Your struggle with giving and receiving gifts under pressure is more common than you might think. I am reminded of the Law of Giving and Receiving, one of the Seven Spiritual Laws inspired by the ancient teachings of the Upanishads. This law guides us in understanding that everything we do, feel and express is energetic and vibrates from our very persona to affect not only us, but every being around us

In giving we also receive. The outcome is determined by how we feel at the time and our intention. When we give and receive gifts with an open and grateful heart, it can take away the angst.

Below are a few guidelines to help you overcome anxiety around gifts. With a little practice you can learn to embrace the flow of giving and receiving:

1. Value yourself and know you are worthy of receiving gifts and enjoy.
2. Follow the spontaneity of actions you value and apply these to birthdays, Christmas, etc.
3. Give with your heart and receive with your heart.
4. Notice the joy and spirit of giving and receiving without any expectations.

In giving and receiving, let’s focus less on value and more on the pleasure it brings. The thoughts, feelings and actions behind the gift are what matters most, always.

I hope this helps you feel lighter and brighter!


January/February 2022 Issue 2

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