Making dreams come true, Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii Aaaah!

Dream do come true Hawaii Trip

It was a dream for a long time and dreams can become reality! Mine did! So can yours!!

Memories of pouring over a map with my Managing Director, Boss 14 years before I actually went.

I was asking him how long, in time it would take me to travel to Hawaii, how much holiday I had to take and of course there would be the cost!

I had been invited to a motivational self development event at the O2 in London by a friend and was buzzing, blown away, bought books, CDs and put a deposit down to attend a motivational extravaganza self development event in Hawaii!!

That was it! I was going to go! I had been in touch with the organizers, discussed practicalities of accommodation and travel on the Island. It was for 5 days if I recall correctly  and I was keen to be able to see the Island whilst there as well. Why wouldn’t I!!

That was the problem! It’s a long way!! Fly to LA and then another flight over to the Island. With no overnight stopovers you are looking at 17hrs there and back minimum. Added travel to and from Airport to be included too!

I suddenly came to a grinding halt and sad realization. I would likely be on the Island cooped up daily in an Events Centre with no real access to Hawaii, I could be any where! Would I have enough holiday and money to extend my trip in order to explore and experience this wondrous place of my dreams? 

I came to the decision this was not the time to go and so reluctantly and sadly my dream to go to Hawaii went back on to my Dream Shelf.

14 years on……………..

I had been made redundant from my role as Generalist HR Manager which released me to pursue other career avenues.

I followed up on my NLP Practitioner Coaching training and decided to study further to Master Practitioner Level. In addition I had recently stepped away from my Pranic Healing Practices. The reasons for this are another story. As a result it gave me regained freedom to read and absorb other teachings and pick up those I had previously dropped to focus on Pranic Healing. Deepak Chopra was one of these.

I liked what he was saying and liked the fact there was the formal General Medical Practitioner Training aligned with Spiritual, Ancient Teachings and now also Neuroscientific studies and discoveries were included. A good mix! He also had his spell of Transcendental Meditations.

I then found there was a Deepak Chopra Retreat being held in Hawaii!!! Yes! This time I was going!!

I was making my dreams come true.

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