Have You Faced Redundancy or Restructure?

I’m calling on the Professionals, has this ever happened to you? Or someone you know well?

Managers, HR, Managers, Directors, Employment Lawyers and last but not least Employees.

Redundancy! That dirty word! Meaning in all truthfulness, let’s not beat around the bush. Your services are no longer required.

However, you sugarcoat this, at the end of the day a decision has been made and you the employee, your name is on that list!

It’s grim. It hurts. Feelings of rejection. Feelings of abandonment. Feelings of unworthiness.

That’s the bottom line for a high percentage of those affected by redundancy.

A percentage will put a brave face upon it, others will crumble. Yes, there will be a percentage also that are the right age, with the right skills and this gives them motivation either to jump ship or if targeted go through due process and come out focussing on a new job even a new career perhaps.

New research suggests around one in five employers are likely to make staff redundancies over the next year. Ouch!!
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So the times are indeed changing.

What does this mean for us? What is our future going to look like in the next 10, 15, or 20 years?
Has anyone been watching Vikings and The Last Kingdom recently? Not here to advertise or recommend what you should watch in your leisure time, however only to highlight how far we have come. Yes, it is to an extent, an interpretation of history however we cannot deny that humans have progressed, and developed in some ways and not in others.

Centuries gone by humans were used and abused and dispensed of when certain areas in society deemed this would be so.

Life has not really changed that much, look around you.
Confusion on religions, what is it? What should we believe in? Even confusion on gender, race, who is my true tribe?

So many people are looking for help, guidance, wanting to trust and believe what they see in front of them. Many become disappointed, resigned to their ‘fate’. They give up, they shut down.

This is why I decided to be a Transformational Coach, part of my own journey of discovery, and in going on this journey I am keen to support those who are also, like I was and still am at times confused and curious.

It is important to remember you are an individual, unique, and acknowledge your achievements. Other people’s actions, thoughts and words are their own. You do not need to take these as true actions, they are thoughts and words of their own.

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